Region 3 Charlotte Regatta

Charlotte Region 3 Regatta for SeaWinds

May 6 & 7, 2017

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The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing and its Appendix E for RC, prescriptions of US Sailing, class rules of the SeaWind class, and these Sailing Instructions. Changes to the racing rules or class rules are noted in the specific instructions where they apply Class Rules are available on the Queen City Model Yacht Club website: www.queencitymyc, Under the AMYA logo, click on Learn More, Click on Boats (O-Z) in the menu on the left side of the screen, scroll down to SeaWinds, under Links click on Download Class Rules. In particular check out item 14 SAIL NUMBERS AND CLASS INSIGNIA

Notices to Competitors:

Notices to competitors will be made verbally and can be made at any time. All competitors shall be notified.

Changes to the Sailing Instruction: 

Verbal changes to these Sailing Instructions may be made at any time. All competitors shall be notified.

Schedule of Races: 

Date of racing: Saturday May 6th, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Sunday, May 7th 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

The total number of races planned is as many as possible within the time constraints. The race director will  determine the number of races after considering weather, course, and equipment  conditions. No race will start after 4:00 PM on Saturday, after 1:00 PM on Sunday. The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race is 10:00 AM Saturday, 9:30am Sunday.

Racing Format:

Every attempt will be made to accommodate everyone, but should there be more than 18- 20, entries the two-fleet odd-even system will be employed. Entries will be limited to 36 boats.

The Course Board:

The course board is to be located as required by rule E3.2 and show the Course, Control Area and Launching Area. (24” x 36” course posters)

The Course:

The course, the order in which marks are to be passed and the side on which each mark is to be passed, will be as shown on the course board.

 Control Area:

The control area is restricted to starting, finishing and scoring staff.

Launching Area:

This may be a wet launch. Water shoes, boots, or waders are recommended. The launching area will be clearly marked along the shore. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask one of the local members.


If mark watchers are used, their responsibility will be to hail any boat-to-mark or boat-to-boat contact and to record if the offending boat does not complete its penalty turn. There is no penalty for not making a penalty turn unless the offended skipper files an official protest.

Areas that are Obstructions:

Fountain and sunken island

The Start:

The AMYA two-minute starting sequence will be used.

The starting line will be between the designated starting marks. (course side of marks).

Prior to the warning signal, a boat may request the Race Director to delay the starting sequence for five minutes for the repair of a technical problem or breakdown. When such a delay is granted, it will be announced and the warning signal will not be sounded until the expiration of five minutes from the commencement of the delay. Each boat may be granted only one (1) such delay for the regatta. Delays for tuning, adjusting sails will not be granted. At the RD’s discretion a five minute hold may be called, at any time prior to the starting signal. Multiple holds cannot be called sequentially prior to a race.

If any part of a boat’s hull or equipment is on the course side of the starting line after the preparatory signal, the race director will attempt to hail that boat. Failure of the race director to make a hail or a skipper to hear such a hail will not be grounds for a request for a redress hearing. This changes rule 62.1(a).

The Finish:

The finishing line will be between the designated finishing marks (course side of marks).

Penalty System:

A boat with any part of its hull or equipment on the course side of the starting line during the minute before the starting signal, shall return to the pre-start side as required by rule 30.1 and modified by rule E3.6. (i.e: by passing around either start mark from the course side to the start side of the line). Dip starts are not allowed.

A boat touching the marks as defined by rule 31, shall take a penalty turn.

A boat breaking a rule in Part 2, shall take a one-turn penalty as required by rule 44 and modified by E4.4. If an offending boat gains significant competitive advantage as a result of the foul, it shall continue to do penalty turns until the offended boat(s) regain a lead position over it.

Time Limits:

Time limits are at the discretion of the RD. If no boat has passed the windward mark within ten (10) minutes, the race may be abandoned. If no boat has finished within thirty (30) minutes, the race may be abandoned.


A boat protesting another boat, while sailing, shall hail the other boat, as required by rule 61.1(a) as modified by rule E5.2.   All protests should be resolved on the water if at all possible.

Boats filing a protest with the protest committee shall do so within 15 minutes of when the last boat finishes the heat in which the incident occurred and shall also inform the race committee within five minutes of the finish of the relevant heat, as required by rules 61.3 as modified by E5.3.

Protests will be heard immediately following the heat in which the incident occurred, and before the next heat.


The Low Point System described in Appendix A shall be used with the following modification: For each six (6) races sailed, one race per skipper will be excluded from the overall score. Scored points for DNS and DNF may be excluded. Scores for DSQ will not be discarded.

Five (5) races are required to be completed to constitute a regatta.

Equipment and Measurement Checks:

Measurement and class authenticity verification may be conducted as determined by the Regatta Director, during check in and registration or at any time during the regatta, including Friday PM.


Red chevrons Awards will be given to the top three (3) finishers in the regatta. Other prizes will also be awarded.


All competitors are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and friendly manner. Aggressive shouting, cursing and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If repeated after a warning, a 4-point non-excludable penalty will be assessed.


Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS rule 4. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.